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You’re A Winner
In a scam they've dubbed "You're A Winner!" victims are notified via mail, telephone or e-mail that
they have won some type of sweepstakes, lottery or casino winnings.

The victim is told that they must pay the taxes or other fees in advance to receive their money. They
are instructed to wire the amount or provide their bank account number to have the amount

The suspects take the money for the "taxes" and the victims never receive the winnings they were

Inheritance Scam
The victim is notified that a long lost relative has died leaving them part of the inheritance. In order
to receive the inheritance the victim is asked to pay the taxes in advance or is asked to give up bank
account numbers. The victim loses the money they paid in advance and never receives the
promised inheritance.

Fraudulent Checks
Suspects build a relationship with the victim through the mail, telephone or e-mail. The suspect
convinces the victim to cash a check for them giving various excuses as to why they can't cash it

The suspect tells the victim they can keep a certain percentage of the check for their trouble. The
victim receives the check in the mail, cashes it keeping their percentage and wires the remainder
of the money to the suspect.

After a few days the credit union discovers the check was fraudulent. The victim is left with the
responsibility of paying back the bank.

• You should never have to pay
money to receive winnings.

• Never give your bank account
number or other personal
information to anyone over the
phone or Internet.

• Do not wire or transfer money
to anyone unless you have
initiated the transaction.

• If you receive information that
you have won a contest you
don't remember entering or are
receiving money from a relative
you don't know, contact other
family members, a lawyer or the
police department to verify its

• Ask us to verify checks you
were not expecting or for large
amounts from the U.S. Treasury
before cashing them.
Different types of scams
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