Texasgulf Ranger Savers Club
Howdy. We're Dusty and Rosie.  We're
happy to teach you the importance of

You could be saving for a new bike, or a
new video game, or a computer or even a
fair project.

While learning how to save, you can earn
great prizes for your deposits.

So get started today and join the
Texasgulf Ranger Savers Club.
Prize Categories
$50.00 - $74.00 deposit
Choice from category A
$75.00 - $100.00 deposit
Choice from category B
$101.00 - $250.00 deposit
Choice from category C
$251.00 - $400.00 deposit
Choice from category D
$401.00 or more depsoit
Choice from category E
Program guidelines: 1.Prizes issued only on accounts that have maintained highest balance. 2.Withdrawals will
afftect/decrease your prize eligibility. 3.Must bring account to highest balance for prize eligibility. 4.May not
accrue depsosits for prizes. 5.Prize must be claimed at time of deposit. 6. May not claim prize and withdraw on
the same day. 7.Prizes subject to change without notice. 8.Program may be canceled at anytime without notice.
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