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Courtesy Pay Service

At Texasgulf FCU, we strive to offer new and improved solutions to meet all our members'
financial needs, which is why we offer
Courtesy Pay.

Most of us have found ourselves facing an occasional cash shortfall, be it the result of a
checkbook error or an unexpected bill.  If you have ever accidentally bounced a check, you
already know that in  addition to the embarrassment, you may also face merchant fees for the
returned check along with the inconvenience of resturning to the merchant to correct the error.  
And while a declined debit card does not create merchant fees, it can be an embarrassing

Courtsey Pay is a non-contractual courtesy, whereby we my honor your insufficient
transactions up to your limit of  $500.00, as long as you maintain your share draft account in
good standing (
click here to review our Courtesy  Pay policy). Courtsey Pay does not
guarantee that Texasgulf FCU will pay your insuffiecient item. However, if you should have an
overdraft, your account will be charged our standard $20.00 non-sufficient funds (NSF) fee.  

With Courtsey Overdraft Privilege, our intention is to provide you with another resource to help
manage your occasional cash sortfall.  Our Courtesy Pay Program will automatically be added
to your account for checks, automatic bill payments and other debit transactions.
If you would
like overdraft coverage for your ATM withdrawals and everyday debit card purchases,
click here to opt-in.

For more details regarding your options for overdraft coverage, please click here and print or
save a copy for your records.

Texasgulf FCU belives Courtsey Pay is one more way we can help you meet your unexpected
financial needs.  
If you would not like overdraft coverage for checks, automatic bill
payments and other debit card transactions,
please notify us at (979) 282-2300 in Wharton,
(979) 578-9000 in El Campo, toll free 1-800-647-8428 or by email
info@texasgulffcu.org with
"Courtesy Pay Opt-out" in the subject line.
Texasgulf FCU MasterCard® Payment Enhancements

New payment enhancements are coming soon for your Texasgulf FCU MasterCard®.  
Beginning June 15, you will now be able to schedule your current month's credit card payment
up to 30 days in advance and setup Automatic Payments for your card directly in

You will now be able to use GoToMyCard.com to pay your minimum payment due, your current
balance in full or your last statement balance and with the added ability to schedule these
payments for a future date or automatically make the payments each month.

Scheduled payments will allow you to set up your current credit card payment due in advance
and have the payment post on your selected date.  This provides you greater flexibility in
managing your card payments and has been one of the most requested enhancements for
paying Texasgulf FCU MasterCards®.

Automatic Payments allow you to pay the minimum payment due, the total balance or a fixed
dollar amount each month automatically.  This enhancement helps you manage your account
and ensure that you never miss a payment again.  Now you can just set your payment option
and forget it.
When suspicious card activity occurs, nobody is better equipped to handle the case than you.  
After all, you know what you’ve purchased, and you can spot an illegitimate purchase instantly.

Now you can have the service you need to protect your accounts!

With the SHAZAM BOLT$ app, you can automatically receive email alerts 24/7 whenever a
debit card purchase it made where your card it not present, such as telephone or Internet

You’re also notified when potentially fraudulent activity occurs, including purchases for large
amounts or transactions in foreign countries.  You’ll know right away whether the purchase is
valid….so you can call immediately and put a stop to any fraud!

Plus SHAZAM BOLT$ lets you check your account balance information on your smartphone,
tablet or home computer.

Visit our website
www.texasgulffcu.org to sign up.

SHAZAM BOLT$ is also available for iphone and ipad.